Celebrate the season with happy greetings from your new Troll friends – and put a smile on someone else’s face with a greeting from you. Every time you receive a card, or your card is received by a Troll friend, you gain a ticket in the Lottery!

    Giampaola Picciau (Italy) Received a card from: Anastasia Yakhontova (Russia):

    hello, your postcard was delivered to me today... A little late for the contest... But thank you very much! I wish to return your wishes for an happy 2022! A cordial greeting from Sardinia✨

    Patrizia Cerri (Italy) Received a card from: Sheree King (Australia):

    Grazie! La cartolina è arrivata oggi..

    Durgahee Bibi Zaahirah (Mauritius) Received a card from: Jennie Gardiner (Australia):

    Thank you for the beautiful card and best wishes 2022! Hope you loved mauritius 15 yr ago! Big kisses

    Maria Bragadireanu (Romainia) Received a card from: Giorgia Squizzato (Italy):

    Thank you for your card Giorgia 😘

    Kathryn Holbrook (USA) Received a card from: costanza gentile (Italy):

    Thank you 💕 Merry Christmas

    Kathryn Holbrook (USA) Received a card from: Mindaugas Burba (Lithuania):

    Thank you happy holidays 😊

    Lesley Maloney (Canada) Received a card from: Federica Fraticelli (Italy):

    Hi I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas and that you have a very good New Year.

    Sonia Tortora (Italy) Received a card from: Svetlana Ivaniuk (Ukraine):

    Grazie infinite per la tua meravigliosa cartolina che mi ha illuminato il cuore... davvero favolosa. Tantissimi auguri anche a te.

    K. Wittpoth (Germany) Received a card from: Carol Vella (Australia):

    Dear Carol, thank you for your Card. Even if the Card took longer than expected, I hope you will still receive my heartfelt thank you. I wish you health and luck for 2022 Katja

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