About the event

Share a Christmas Card is a fun event where you and your Trollbeads friends around the world can get in touch with each other, by sending and receiving Christmas cards – and at the same time have the chance to win beautiful prizes.

Step 1: How to get started

  1. Log in with your Trollbeads account to register for the event.
    - If you don’t have an account, you can get one here.

  2. When you have registered, and the event has started, you will be assigned a personal Troll ID and the addresses of 5 Troll friends to whom you will sent your greetings.

  3. Your Troll ID is what the recipients of your cards will register when they receive the card.
    Every time one of your cards are received and registered you will gain 2 new tickets in the lottery.

  4. By registering you have also gained your first 5 tickets in the lottery.

  5. Find your own Troll ID and the addresses of 5 Trollbeads friends to send cards to under “My Page”.

  6. Now, create your own creative greeting cards or visit your local retailer to get 5 free Christmas cards to send.

NOTE! By registering, your address will be shared with 5 Troll friends when the event starts, and these are the people who will write a Christmas card to you.
Isn’t it exciting?!

Step 2: How to send a card

  1. Write a warm greeting for your Troll friends on the cards.
    - Remember to also add your Troll ID. This is important!

  2. Send the Christmas cards to your Troll friends to share the Christmas spirit and gain draws in the lottery.
    Find the addresses under “My page” if in doubt.

  3. Every time one of your cards are registered as received, you’ll receive another 2 tickets in the lottery.

  4. Now, create your own creative greeting cards or visit your local retailer to get 5 free Christmas cards to send.

Step 3: When you receive a card

5 Troll friends have received your address and will send you a card.

  1. Every time you receive a card, go to “Register Card” and register the sender’s Troll ID, and write a greeting for your Troll friend to say thanks for the card.

  2. Upload an image of the front page of the card, you received to share the holiday spirit.

  3. Both you and your new Troll friend will receive a 2 tickets in the lottery, when you register the received card.

  4. Check your mailbox - Maybe there is another card for you?

Step 4: Christmas Lottery!

  1. When you first register for the event you will receive 5 tickets for the lottery.
    You can see how many tickets you have under "My Page".

  2. Every time one of your cards is registered as received, and every time you register a card, you will also receive 2 lottery tickets.

  3. Each day of December we will draw one or more winners who will receive a Christmas present from our collection.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas - and good luck!

By the way…

As part of this event your postal address will be disclosed to 5 or 10 other participants, but don't worry - your address will not be made publicly available.
Addresses are ONLY available under “My Page”.
Also, if you cannot get enough, you have the possibility to participate twice by requesting more adresses under 'My Page'
This will give you another 5 addresses to send a card to and your address will be shared 5 more times,
which means you will receive more cards (and tickets for the lottery) too.

Have fun!


Contact sacc@trollbeads.com

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